Nuru Massage Review


There are no prizes for guessing the type of debauchery you will find on Nuru Massage. Even the dumbest motherfucker can tell from the site name. This is easily one of the best massage porn sites on the internet which is not a surprise considering they are part of the formidable Adult Time network. They have a collection of 709 scenes, all available in at least 1080p Full HD while 130+ are available in 4K. The videos feature sexy women with lubed up bodies sliding over their clients which inevitably leads to some wet and slippery sex. Your membership also comes with great bonus content from the Adult Time network.

Nuru Massage Explained

Nuru, according to ReThink Porn is actually a Japanese word that loosely translates to slippery. During a nuru massage, a woman applies a colorless and odorless gel all over their body so they are all wet and slippery before sliding over their clients.  That’s exactly what you will be getting off on this site, with plenty of steamy sex thrown in before and/or after the massage.

Hundreds of High Quality Scenes

At the time of writing, Nuru Massage is home to a respectable collection of 709 videos. The videos are available in great resolutions, with every scene available in 1080p.  Even better, over 130 of the latest videos are available in 4K. In addition, you have over 719 photosets with high resolution images that you can watch in a slideshow or download in zips.

A lot of the videos that I watched started with a reality porn plot. There is plenty of lathery foreplay in the showers/bathtubs before some steamy sex. The girl then proceeds to give the guy a full body massage, most of the time on an inflatable mattress. Inevitably, the genitals will make contact with each other and with mouths and you don’t need me to tell you what cums comes next.

There are a few taboo scenarios thrown in as well. A good example is where a stepdad receives a nuru lube package for his stepdaughter. He calls her a perv for having such a lube, but the daughter explains she is just trying to get into the massage industry and offers to start with her stepdad. The dude is initially reluctant but before long, the daughter is fully naked, wet and slippery, and flipping her stepdad over.  The scene ends up with a sloppy blowjob and some steamy taboo sex with the stepdad cumming on his daughter’s boobs.


Your membership comes with access to all Fantasy Massage sites including the likes of Milking Table. In addition, you can also access to the entire Adult Time network at a discounted rate via which has over 60,000 videos covering your most twisted fantasies including straight, gay, bi, and trans porn. Good luck finding a bigger collection of bonus porn!

Final Word

Nuru Massage is a great site especially if you love a bit of kink to your fap materials. They have some of the most beautiful girls, all lubed up and wet, giving their clients a sensual nuru massage that more often than not ends up with loads of sex. You also get a faptastic supply of bonus content from Adult Time network if you want to take a break from massage porn.

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