Craving Quest Season 2 – Another Awesome Hentai Game From EroGames


Craving Quest is another game by Erogames to check out if you’re a hentai fan. You’ll especially appreciate it if you like RPG/Adventure games and don’t mind less-than-stellar graphics. Zoe, Jacques, and Achilles, the three childhood friends begin their adventure in Skyland, where unforeseeable encounters and obstacles await them. An adventure filled with fearful enemies, powerful allies, and awakening sexual desires for the trio.

The story contains 7 chapters, covering all the lands of the different elements in Skyland. Unlike traditional RPG games, where it is relatively easy to achieve your mission in story mode, the Craving Quest story quest will require a lot of effort from players to build their teams with various elements and roles. The storyline has a great ending and all the story chapters contain great rewards for completing them.


Gameplay & Graphics

As I mentioned before the graphics for this sequel have been re-imagined from the ground up and I must say they look stunning. The Gameplay and the Graphics both are just fabulous. The characters are splendid and the environments are pretty awesome. Everything in this game is just bright and colorful and has a sunny feel. Graphics are certainly one of the main improvements over the original.

The battle system is very well designed. Backgrounds for different stages varies for different types of enemies. Craving Quest has one of the best plots and CGs for the hentai game. There are even animated H-scenes designed for their storyline. This game will keep you busy for a while, as you can play a variety of mini-games and enjoy a ton of animated hentai scenes.


  • Free to Play
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Smooth Framerates
  • Fun, addictive gameplay
  • Perfect for RPG adventure fans


  • Hentai-only focus
  • Strict age verification



In Conclusion, if you enjoyed the original Craving Quest then you will love this sequel even more due to it’s much better graphics, superior frame-rates, and comprehensive character creation. The game is quite enjoyable and has a lot of content which can be played for months. Overall I think this game is destined for glory when it has a chance to grow and be updated. Go check it out it is definitely worth a look…

Watch Trailer Now:

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